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Outsourcing A Chief Marketing Officer Service

  • Most companies already outsource some of their marketing—advertising, PR, collateral creation, website maintenance, and event management.
  • But for SMEs and start-up companies, outsourcing can also solve another major problem—that of not being able to attract and retain the right senior talent.
  • A full time senior marketing hire in India costs around Rs. 25 to 40 lakhs in salary alone, not including overheads such as computers, office space and parking. Outsourcing the CMO can reduce this cost without affecting the quality of the work.
  • An experienced professional is needed to set up a sales and marketing team, define goals, allocate budgets, standardize branding, set up a collateral creation program, manage events participation and support a lead generation program. 
  • Having an outsourced CMO enables the company to hire the right expertise for the job at lower than full time cost. And to pay for it only till needed.


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